Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Xmas Rag Wreath ... my first one !!!

Xmas Rag Wreath

I decided to try this after seeing it on Create and Craft, and looked on the net for more information, and now I'm hooked, with plans to make matching mini Xmas trees .....

The bare materials !!
I used a 25cm polystyrene half ring, and 5cm x 5cm squares of fabric
(Xmas themes and plain red and green).

I used a mini (quite blunt) philips screw driver to poke the material into the polystyrene ring, putting a small dab of pva glue on the end of the material.

I gradually added more layers, using a green and red theme

I made sure the colours were evenly spread to make the wreath look balanced

Finally, I filled in any gaps, and made sure the material went right to the edges to ensure no bald patches !!

And here is my completed Xmas Rag Wreath
Hope you like it !!

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